Spiritual Tools for Wisdom and Strength

Help!! I really want to know how to live God’s way among all the confusion!

How often have you found yourself in a situation that literally just sucked the breath out of you?

Each one of us needs tools that will help us keep close to God and understand His Word. We need a listening ear, a friend, someone to share our thoughts with and to provide feedback when we may be distracted. This is why I founded this site.

Strength 2 Strength wants to reach and encourage Christians balancing the seeming contradictions of living in today’s world and living in the kingdom of God. Come and explore the ‘how to’ with devotionals, articles, testimonies, advice and references.

The tools we provide all cover real life situations and experiences, giving guidance from the Word. Strength 2 Strength shares from our own experiences and those of others to provide answers and guidelines to help you make the right life decisions.

Devotionals? Haven’t used one in years! Who does? Are they really relevant? Can they really make a difference in the practical everyday decisions I must make as I go about my daily life?

Yes, they can! Just read here.

First time? Start here.

View our updated topics and post your own comments and questions. We are here to help you live from Strength 2 Strength.

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Intimacy with God
Devotionals are all about times of intimacy you spend with God meditating on Him and His Word. Pure 1:1 with God receiving insights helps us keep close to God, understanding His word and how it can ..
Evangelism resources. FREE tools and links to encourage believers to share the good news of Christ salvation. Tell someone about Jesus at every opportunity you can.
Evangelism Resources &Tools
Evangelism resources and tools to help you share and tell the great news of Jesus Christ, His salvation and the fullness of life in Him. Testimonies, tracts, balls, cubes, books flim, video ….
A collection of personal christian testimonies demonstrating God's goodness, mercy & love.
The Devotional
Short devotional readings, references and tools designed to enhance the quiet time you spend with God building and deepening your relationship with him.
We have tried to capture on this page a full list of the recommended resources on this site. We will continue to update periodically.
We Listen
We want to hear from you and to stand with you when you have a need or query or even just a comment. We build ourselves up and others when we share and support each other.
Online Bible Tools
On this page we list free online Bible Tools and Resources that we have found helpful. They are great tools for use your quiet time meditation, personal bible study and spiritual growth.
Contact Us
We love to hear from you, Contact Us, send us your comments today.

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