Evangelism Resources  & Tools

Distribution Tools  to Aid our Personal Evangelism

Below we have listed evangelism resources and tools to help you distribute the word of God when you share personally you testimony or simply tell others about salvation in Christ. Always try to leave something behind remind someone or inform them further about what you have been sharing. It maybe electronic like a song, movie on a DVD or thumb drive or physical like a New Testament, but always walk with something to be ready to give as you share.

On this site we do encourage you to write. A written testimony, devotional, tract, leaflet, booklet, book, song, blog or website can effectively share the truth about God's plan to reconcile man to Himself - the message of the Bible.  If you have already written something, then Share It!


Memory Cross has created cards to share the Gospel in a creative and interactive way. It is a paper card that makes a never ending loop that kids and adults find amazing. It is designed to be used for sharing the Gospel and teach kids Bible stories. You can take them with you for personal evangelism or on mission trips, or anywhere you want to share God's love with other people. Kids love playing with this card and as they flip through it time after time, they quickly learn of God's love for them.

John 3:16

Leave them with a Bible - BiblicaDirect.com has many kinds of ministry priced bibles designed to be given as a part of your personal evangelism or the outreach ministry of you local church. A Bible leaves them with the Word to continue effectively continue bearing witness to Christ after your are gone.

Free Online Tools you can use for Personal Evangelism

“Tell someone about Me”  -Jesus

It is exciting to share your beliefs with others. When you know and have experienced God in your own life you want to share that with someone.  They can only see Him the unseen through us whom they can see.  It is an awesome call we have on our lives but nonetheless it is the most basic call from the Lord. He makes such a tremendous difference in our lives that to say nothing is to deny Him.


  1. At Fishing for Souls you can find a variety of tracts (over 200) in English and Spanish free for downloading.
  2. Evangelical Tract Distributors (EDT) Gospel literature will always be any effective tool for sharing your faith in God. ETD are a really great source of a wide variety of FREE tracts for use in almost any situation. Although the tracts from this online distributor are Free you will be changed the cost of shipping.


  1. The Jesus film presents the Gospel of Luke translated in more than 1,050 languages. It can be viewed on your device. If you don't have the time to share the entire film, send the message out by email with a link or after sharing the gospel with someone just recommend the film for follow-up viewing.
  2.  Other apps for sharing the gospel message to all ages. The Parting Gift and Simply Share Jesus are great for personal evangelism Download the app on your mobile device and review the training video online. 
  3. This app is for androids only Chick's mobile tracts. Download and carry these comic tracts with you, always have them on hand to share the gospel.

Other Media

  1. Jesus Film Harvest Partners , uses a number of tools in a variety of media. You can purchase DVDs of the Jesus film, or used the Evangelism Ball, built off the concept of the wordless book, in witnessing to teens and those involved in sports.
  2. Magdalena Today. This is a movie which tells the story of Jesus through the eyes of Mary Magdalena. It is effective in witnessing and ministering to women who can identify with Mary's situations. There is a strong focus on deliverance from shame and fearfulness. A very good tool.

For Kids

  1. Carry the Wordless book with you on your mobile device. This evangelism tool is very effective in child evangelism. It uses 5 solid colour pages to simply explain the gospel message. This is the story behind each colour.

Don’t forget we can always use jewelry that ministers. Using eye catching jewelry to start the salvation conversation is simple and a great ice breaker. Faithful Cross now has handcrafted salvation jewelry. Choose from salvation necklaces, bracelets, brooch, and necklaces. All made with beautiful Swarovski Crystals.

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