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The Bible GateWay Search Form

This is a FREE tool you can find on my Devotional Home page. The search form is a topical reference, bible passage look-up and allows keyword searches in multiple bible versions and languages. No need to buy several bibles for study, you just use the tool.

Bible Explorer

Bible Explorer is a FREE tool you can find on my Devotional Home page.. This is a full tool not a demo contiaining over 200 free bibles, bible dictionary and concordances. A must have for bible study.

The Audio Bible

Let me start by sharing with a most helpful tool I have found the Audio Bible. To be honest finding time to spend with God can be challenging at times, life seems just so busy and there is so much to do that 24 hours just doesn't cut it.

Faith Comes By

The Audio Bible (just click the banner above) allows me to just listen to the scriptures even as I go about my daily chores and travel around. You can listen to a plain audio or a dramatised version. The Word will always penetate, there is always a verse that pops out and you say "hmmm never looked at it like that before" or even "thats in the bible!". This is a FREE product - enjoy.


This is a FREE bible study tool you download and use to enrich your times with God. Using computer software allows us to access many resources bibles, dictionaries, resource books, commentaries etc. We need a fast reliable software that allows us to access and use these resources and e-Sword is a great tool to deliver this to you.

e-Sword the downloadable version.(just click the banner)

e-Sword Home

e-Sword Live is an online resource.(just click the banner)

e-Sword LIVE

e-Sword Pocket is for PDAs, you can carry it around with you. Click here.

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