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We have tried to capture on this page a full list of the resources used and recommended by this site. We will continue  to update periodically, so do check back often.

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On this site we do encourage you to write. A written testimony, devotional, tract, leaflet, booklet, book, song, blog or website can effectively share the truth about God's plan to reconcile man to Himself - the message of the Bible.

If you have already written somethng, then Share It!

Thinking about it or working on it visit our Writer's Corner for encouragement

For you convenience we have also tried to identify and provide appropriate links to other resources that maybe helpful to you as you seek additional information to grow and mature in your walk with God, but which may not be specifically recommended by this site. These are shared for your convenience throughout the site and some maybe found on this page. 

The current list of  recommended Resources on this site is listed below. Resources are listed by subject matter.

Resources Page

Evangelism Resources

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Evangelical Tract Distributors

Gospel literature will always be any effective tool for sharing your faith in God. ETD are a really great source of a wide variety of FREE tracts for use in almost any situation. Although the tracts from this online distributor are Free you will be changed the cost of shipping. .

Child Evangelism Fellowship

CEF has a variety of tools aimed at evangelism of  young children. One of the most well known is the 5 coloured Wordless Book.  I use to walk around with one at all times; children are just fascinated by it and once you have their attention you have an opportunity to tell them about Jesus. Of course if you are gifted at making handicrafts, this is also a tool you can use to get the children involved in making the wordless book then share this story, very effective.


 Jesus Film Harvest Partners

Use a number of tools in a variety of media. You can purchase DVDs of the Jesus film, or used the Evangelism Ball, built off the concept of the wordless book,  in witnessing to teens and those involved in sports.



The EvangeCbe is a tool which introduces the story of salvation for all ages in a wordless format so for all cultures. t make telling the salvation story so easy. A great tool for personal witnessing.



Faithful Cross

Don’t forget we can always use jewelry that ministers. Using eye catching jewelry to start the salvation conversation is simple and a great ice breaker. Faithful Cross now has handcrafted salvation jewelry. Choose from salvation necklaces, bracelets, brooch, and necklaces. All made with beautiful Swarovski Crystals.




Magdalena Today

This is a movie which tells the story of Jesus through the eyes of Mary Magdalena. It is effective in witnessing and ministering to women who can identify with Mary's situations. There is a strong focus on deliverance from shame and fearfulness. A very good tool.


Writing Resources

Christian Writing Services

A professional team offers services in Editing, proofreading, ghostwriting. typesetting, graphic art, cover design, Website design. Books, articles, grants, manuals, plays, poetry, websites, promotional Web pages and children's books.

The Dabbling Mum

Freelance writers and authors find help with their writing skills. Several article resources available.



Write To Inspire

Site designed for your passion for writing and to give honor to Him who has given all Christian writers the motivation to write to inspire.


Other Resources

Free Church Accounting

Church accounting can be a little overwhelming. Manage your church finances with free church accounting software. Learn how to prepare a budget and manage contributions.

We will keep adding new pages so do check back often!

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