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Share It

At Strength 2 Strength we also encourage you to share with us and our online visitors your experiences with God.

Giving you every opportunity to pass the blessing on and to play a part in spreading the Word of God.

We build ourselves up and others when we share and support each other.


Be a Part of the Great Commission

"This is good, and pleases God our Savior, 4who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth. 5For there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus," 1 Timothy 2:3-5

Impacting the life of another for God is so simple, whether it is encouraging someone in their spiritual walk or bring someone into a relationship with God all that is required is for you to share.

Share a story of how God  moved in you life, make it real so that other can hear and believe that it could happen to them.

At Strength 2 Strength we provide you the opportunity to place your story online, so you can reach the world and be a part of the Great Commission.

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Use These Tools

(Please note: all the tools on this page will result in a web page being created for our online visitors to view and comment.  Please use the Site Policies link below to view our Privacy Policy & Notice of Use and Copyright Policy.)

 Testimonies – There is nothing like telling what and how it happened to you. There is great joy in telling others about God’s goodness and for those listening the seeds of faith are sown. They now know He can really do it for me, He did it for you. Testimonies are designed to be shared, share yours today with us and our online visitors.

Submit your Testimony here.


 Music – To express God's goodness in song or with an instruments individually is a wonderful gift or in the congregation a wonderful release. A song that encourages you can be a great uplift to someone one else. Send us your Song Of Encouragement and share why this blesses you and we will be happy to share your story with our online visitors. Songs and Albums we recommend can be found throughout our site and on our Resources page.

Submit your Song of Encouragement here


 Writings– This is what we do at Strength2Strength sharing our experiences through devotions, articles, sermons or simple thoughts of encouragement or wisdom. Of course there are many more options, poems, songs etc. We encourage you to share your writings with us and our online visitors for our mutual growth and encouragement. Books and writings we recommend can be found throughout our site and on our Resources page.

Submit Devotionals here.

Submit all other writings here


 Books – There are many resources available that promote our spirituality as other have chronicled their own experiences or expounded on passages in the Word or concepts of God. Share a book that has been a blessing to you with us and our online visitors; just tell us why you would recommend the book. Books that we recommend are found throughout our site and on our Resources page.

Submit your book recommendation here and see our recommendations.


Movies - Yes we all watch them and some really are focused on  telling a story of how someone dealt with one of life's many circumstances through the power or grace of God. They build faith as we see God working in someone else's life. Other movies tell historical stories frrm the bible and can really bring the scriptures to life. Whatever you watched and it blest you, recommend it to someone else so that they too can be encouraged. Movies that we recommend are found throughout our site and on our Resources page.

Submit your movie recommendation here


Bumper Stickers - Yes your read right. Those crazy Bumper Sticker we hardly ever notice. Every once in a while that Bumper Sticker reaches right down into our spirit and just echoes "Just what I needed to hear". Share It! Pass on the Blessing to someone else today.

Tell your Bumper Sticker story here.


Don't forget We Listen.

Strength2Strength is here to support you in your spiritual growth.  Click on the picture to submit a prayer request, make a commitment or simply raise a query or click here.


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