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Strength2Strength is here to support you in your spiritual growth.

We want to hear from you and to stand with you when you have a need or query or even just a comment.  We build ourselves up and others when we share and support each other.

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 Prayer Requests – We all go through various challenges at different stages in life and we need to call on someone to support us in prayer. Strength2Strength is willing to be there for you in prayerful support.

Please log your prayer requests here.

Salvation Commitments and Re-Commitments -

If you have made a salvation commitment or have decided to recommit your life to God we would like to know. Do read Intimacy with God. Take the opportunity to Share It! and give us the opportunity to stand with you in prayer and support. We will log you commitment for you as your memorial, always keep it front of mind.

Enter your Commitment here.

 Questions If you have questions and no one to turn to, do ask, we will respond. Queries on ministry and understanding the word or just how to deal with some of the situations we face in life.

You will always find a listening ear here.

 Pointers for our Webmaster – Thank you for your observation. Do use our Contact Us page. We appreciate your taking the time to point it out.


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