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'This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us' 1 John 5:14

Thank You for partnering with us to pray for the requests below.

Strength2Strength received the prayer requests below from our online visitors and our team have been holding them up in prayer. Effective prayer will bring us closer to God and strengthen our relationship. It will build our faith, prayer is built on a knowledge of His will and His word.

We invite you to join us in praying for their request. Pray that their faith will be strengthened, their daily needs will be met, they will be kept from temptation , they will come to know the Lord, they will be kept in unity, marriages will be preserved, they will know peace and safety, they will know the love of God, they will experience all spiritual blessings.

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Our Prayer Board

J,Ind Indonisia, March 2016

God, You knows my pain, You know what was happened. You see everything, i came with a broken heart. he continued to hurt me and always acted as if nothing happened, insult me and throw me. I tried to cover my feelings from everyone, every day i struggle. but i couldn't stop waiting for his promise responsible on me. I am still waiting for the miracle to come one day and waiting for the touch of who reject and hurt me. God, You knows how long i have waited, i can't do anything without Your blessing. I need You Father, i need You, please don't leave me. Please Father, help me, I'm tired of crying, pain and suffering make me losing my mind. I couldn't touch his heart, please help Father touched hs heart for me. I was desperate, He still doesn't care about me, and have fun with another women. please I don't know how much longer I had to pretend, too painful. I put the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please giving miracles for me.

Rebecca, Limbe Cameroon, June 2015

Financial provision and a four wheel drive van for evangelism in rural areas.

Donna, Dallas USA, March 2015

I need prayer for overcoming fear. I am being tormented by fear. I can't sleep at times. Please pray for me.

David, Akron USA, September 2013

Please pray for my protection, deliverance and peace. My wife and I are divorcing. She has a Jezebel spirit and is attacking me spiritually, mentally and emotionally. I need a breakthrough. At times I feel tormented and need hope.

Bill & Carol, USA. April 2013

Slow Recovery from the death of our only son & other ongoing sorrows... April 4,2013. Dear community of prayer, please include my wife and I in your daily(2013)prayers for recovery! Recovery for God's Healing,Protecting Peace & Hope in our broken hearts,health issues and relief from severe financial misery which is making our recovery next to impossible!! Feel free to pass on to others who can include us in their daily(2013)prayers for restoration! Meanwhile,We continue to stay at our post in hope & prayer with the help of your daily prayers and God's Mercy! Thank you.

Beverly, Citrus Heights, USA. March 2013

Please pray over the Clark family, guide us, protect us, and bless us indeed. We're currently facing something bigger than we can handle, and need a miracle from God to get through. God bless those who help by praying!

Ruth, Tulsa, USA. March 2013

Please pray for Marie who had brain tumors removed from behind her eyes. This changed her personality. She lost her job.We are praying that her tumors were not cancerous. Please pray for Milton who went to the hospital for kidney failure. This happened a week ago. Please pray for Ruth and RoseMary. The devil has tried to divide us up and move away from each other. We have a covenant relationship as mother and daughter. We are very close. We have a relationship like Naomi and Ruth. Please pray for my mom's big toe. It has a bad fungal infection and we need the money to buy the medicine for it. Please pray for Devon and Tess.They need to commit their lives to the Lord and marry each other b/c they have a baby together. Please pray for Francisco who is a drug dealer who needs to get saved. Twice he was hauled out in an ambulance b/c of a drug overdose. I don't want him to die and end up in hell. He is my next door neighbor.He is evil. We are claiming Psalms 37. He either repent of his sins or move. We are praying that the Holy Spirit convicts him of his sins. Please pray for Anita and Becka who are living immoral lives and need to live a life of purity before the Lord. Please pray for Bucky Slley who had a heart attack,swelling in the brain and hasn't awaken for 10 days. Please pray for my reading comprehension to improve as I love to read. My meds make it difficult sometimes to understand what I am reading. Please pray for me to be healed from OCD, PTSD,bipolar I and traits of Borderline personality disorder. Please pray for Charlie Swindoll who is having back surgery and has a lot of pain.

Praise Report:My sinuses and my mom's sinuses are healed b/c you are praying for us. Please pray for Ruby's nephew to get a job. He has been out of work for six weeks. Please pray for Rob who is having a hard time personally. I don't have alot of OCD thoughts b/c you are praying for us. You are a blessing and I want you to send your prayer requests to ruthd5@cox.net and I will gladly pray for you b/c as prayer intercessors the Lord takes care of us as we pray for others. Please pray for Amy, an acquaintances nieces friend who lost 4 close loved ones in a short time span. Thanks for your prayers and be blessed.

Michelle, Independence, USA. February 2013

Pay God heals my hiatus hernia, body producing gas and flatulence and makes me discomfort free and healthy again and sends all evil back to its source from the world. Pray He restores health what the world did to my life giving me these problems.

Cassie, Mecosta, USA. December 2012

My sister in law (14 years old) is in Juvenile detention for the second time in two months. She is in on account of domestic violence against my fiance, his little brother (11 years old) and their mom. I have tried to reach out to her many times but she doesn't want me. I feel discouraged, but not as much as her family. I know my job is to be with them but I want someone to be there for her too. I know that God can touch her life and I really want him to. She's been through some tough stuff and she doesn't believe me when I tell her that I have been through the same thing and through far worse for far longer than she has. I know things hit people differently but she won't let me in. She won't let God in and I so much want God in her life because He makes life that much more bearable.....

April, Toronto Canada. November 2012

I have been tormented by evil spirits / devil for nearly 2 years now, it started when i was taken to see a a prophet / spiritual healer, I thought she was anointed by god. She actually prophesied to me that Satan himself would be speaking to me. I haven't been able to work or take care of myself or my family (I have a daughter) for almost 2 years, I pray continuously and attend church regularly, I've been fighting for my life. God bless you, ....

Bill & Carol, USA. January 2011

Special Request! Jan.26,2011. Slow recovery from the death of our only son and other ongoing daily hardships(Financial, Health & Other) & Sorrow... Thank you Community for praying! Healing is very slow under harsh financial and other new sorrows in our lives!! Please have the Community include us in their daily prayers through out 2011 or as long as possible?? Feel free to pass or e-mail, our prayer request on to others and Communities of Prayer that you know of in the World? Thank you for your patience!

 Manohar, India.  December 2010

I married with Sheeba Claudia on 07.12.2008, we lived together only 6 months she gone to her father's house because she didn't like my family, then I decided to live separate with her but for that also she not agreed, I tried lot to bring her back but not done, we have 10 months baby, she not allowed me to touch even, when I go to her house she and her parents starts to quarrelling with me. I don't know what to do.. Please pray for my family life, and togetherness of my wife and me, thank you....

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