God's Faithfulness

Does God remain faithful to his promise? Can you trust him? How long do you wait on the Lord?

It is my hope that by sharing this testimony, others will exercise patience to see the that God keeps his promises to us

My child was born prematurely which mean that his lungs were not adequately developed to breathe on his own all the time. He was placed in an incubator and provided with artificial respiration as needed.

I listened as the doctors asked about the quality of life that this child would have. A major risk would be the possibility of brain damage due to loss of oxygen at some stage in his early life because of respiratory problems. I decided not to fear because God had told me through His word that he would perfect the child.

However to leave the child in the care of the nursery and go home was enough to make me fearful. Each night I had to find rest in the Lord to sleep and each morning I had to believe the child would be there when I went to visit and leave the milk at the hospital.

One day I was so happy, the nurses told me that I could hold my baby. They handed me the child and not too long after it was whisked away from me because the nurses noticed that the child was looking blue. That scared me and I never wanted to hold him again for fear he would die!

On another occasion, in the morning when I turned up to visit, I noticed a group of doctors standing around a baby on a table. As I suspected, it was my baby. Should I be fearful or should I exercise faith in the promise of God. The Pastors told me the child would not die.

I thought to myself, if Jesus is alive I will know today because I will pray in the name of Jesus. I decided to pray. I prayed, dear Jesus, if you are real, please answer this prayer. I asked Jesus to save my child from death. I repeated in the name of Jesus continuously for 30 minutes, looking all the time at the clock. Throughout this time the doctors were administering artificial respiration and checking for the child’s heart beat. On seeing my persistence and that the heart beat was still there, they decided to take the baby to the intensive care unit and placed him on life support.

He was diagnosed with pneumonia.

They would administer penicillin and for one minute I was scared that the child would be allergic to the drug because I was. That week, every person in the unit died except my child.

The child responded well to the penicillin and was taken back to the nursery. He was sent home within 6 weeks of birth.

I lived 30 miles from hospital, and one night while breastfeeding, the child became very limp. His body was lifeless. I asked God how could the child die after the pastor reassured me that the child would live?  I shouted to my neighbour for help. She advised me to turn the child upside down. The child gasped and I needed no more indication, that there was some life left. I rushed him to hospital. The doctors found nothing wrong when I arrived and I was sent home with my baby.

All went well for the rest of the year. At exactly one year old, the child was diagnoses with psuedo mutans. Symptoms include the child turning his head from side to side all the time. I was advised to attend health clinic for handicapped babies to get a brain scan. I sat with the other mothers with their handicap babies.

When it was my turn to see the nurse, she said to me   “We wonder whether to try with these babies. This child has done so well, but look at this latest development?”

I refused to fear.  The symptoms went for 6 months as is common for the disease. Then the symptoms stopped and no further tests were done There was no sign of the  other effects associated with the disease except this one concern - the child did not appear to be aggressive. I recall the doctor saying he had lost the ability to be aggressive and I pondered it in my heart as I watched my child grow.

One day when my child was about 12 years I was called to school because my  child was provoked and he hit another child in retaliation. Although the teacher was in the room, he did not ask the teacher to intervene. What was a well behaved child had a most unusual behaviour.

I apologised profusely o the teachers but I was happy because for me, it meant my son child had not lost  his aggressiveness.

The lessons I learn from this experience are:

  • There is power and response when we pray in the name of Jesus. I never again doubted that Jesus answers prayer

  • We have to wait sometimes for a long time to prove that God is faithful

In a cohort study done with babies born at the same time as my child, among the low birth weight babies, my child has done exceedingly well above all the others.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, God made us, he can heal us and raise us up again if he chooses.

Today my son is 6ft 3 inches tall and expected to graduate with his undergraduate degree at 24 years of age.

Hyacinth, UK

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