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At Strength 2 Strength we encourage you to share with us and our online visitors your experiences with God. Recommend Great Books Giving you every opportunity to pass the blessing on and to play a part in spreading the Word of God. We build ourselves up and others when we share and support each other.

Recommend great Books. We are building a library of really beneficial and effective books that encourage our understanding of the Word of God and supports the building of our relationship with Him. We are looking for Books that can enhance you quiet times, personal bible study and spiritual growth.

You can help us build this library!

There are many resources available that promote our spirituality as other have chronicled their own experiences or expounded on passages in the Word or concepts of God. Have you found any really helpful books? What books have you found on the web or your favourite bookseller that you have found most helpful? Maybe free or maybe not? Come on, what has helped you most in your quiet times or personal study of the Word. Share It! with us and our online visitors.

Books we recommend:

The Zion Culture by Christopher Brodber

Understanding People by Cheryl Fawcett

Godincidences! by Jo-Ann Faith Richards

Just reading for Fun! Have a look at these:

The Case of the Locked Drawer by Larry Winebrenner

Your recommendations!

Read a Great Book Lately? Share It!

Share a book that has has been a blessing to you with us and our online visitors; just tell us why you would recommend the book.

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