God Heals

Incredible Healing

Be advised God heals! Here is a testimony from one of our online visitors of healing as a part of the ministry of evangelism. God works everywhere even in the subway.

Periodically I would go up to the streets and subways of Chicago with my dear friend Phil to preach openly the gospel of Jesus Christ. Its always an adventure when we would go and there are a lot of times we would get ridiculed and made fun of but it is always rewarding.

There is one time in particular that it was very rewarding. We headed up to the subways and Phil liked this one particular spot that he personally goes to every Saturday for years. As we walked through this tunnel to go up to the subway, we passed by this guy who was holding a cup begging for change. No different than any other beggar on the street except he was violently shaking very badly and very uncontrollably sitting on the ground of this tunnel. Phil told me later that he is always in that same spot every time he has gone up there. I felt bad for the poor soul thinking that he is just trying to get attention and we just walked by heading up to our spot in the subway.

After a while of preaching there shows up 3 people that appeared to be together just intently listening to Phil preach. After it was apparent that they are believers Phil just stops and we start talking to them. It turns out they did not know each other and that God had sent them there to encourage us.

Then as they started to leave one of them named Ben who was from England came up to Phil and I and said there is this man that I passed by on my way up here that is shaking severely and I feel that I should pray with him but I ignored the Holy Spirit and now God will not leave me alone about that man so, I’m asking if one of you would go down with me to pray with him.  Phil said he would stay and I went with this man.

I thought nothing going to happen. We will just go down there, pray for him as he begs for our money and come back and that’s it. We walked up to him and Ben says "We don’t have any money to give to you but we would like to pray with you for healing." He said "Sure!" Again my skepticism was huge. We prayed and in the mean time he has not stopped shaking at all. Even to the point that if he had much change in his cup it would have been spilling out due to his shaking and as we laid hands on him we were shaking as well.

About 30 seconds into the prayer he just falls limp and not any movement.

I opened my eyes thinking he is passed out because he was so still but he just started to weep hard as his arms and legs and head stayed so calm. He looked at us and wouldn’t stop thanking us for praying for him. He was so overwhelmed and grateful! Something told me to tell him to get up and walk. So he did, but he didn’t just walk. He was running up and down the tunnel going up to people and grabbing them saying Jesus has cured me! He has saved me! You guys have seen me shaking but I am not now! Then we said go home and tell your family and so he did.

Phil has been back many many times since then and we never saw him again. And as soon as we left that thankful soul I said goodbye to Ben not even thinking of getting his number or anything and never saw him again. God wanted me to be a part of that miracle to strengthen my faith.

Lord, You deserve all of the glory. More than I could possibly give you. You have giving me everything. Your love. I love you because You first loved me in spite of my sin. Glory and Honor to you always. Amen.

Doug, USA

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