Guidelines for Submitting Devotionals
to our Website

Thank You.

We are happy to have you submit a devotional to our website. We see this as a tool both to encourage spiritual growth as well as an evangelism tool as it offers you the opportunity to share with others of God’s goodness in your life.

When you publish a devotional with us, it will be a blessing to others across the world. It can be read in any country, by people in all walks of life, in many cultures. It will be your written record of you experience with God.

We encourage you to make it personal. Tell how the scripture verse applies to you, with real life examples that illustrates to those who read it how it can apply to them. You may even help someone who does not yet know Christ understand how He operates in your life and encourage them to make a decision for Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

Be sure to connect to your reader as your devotion is a powerful tool to be an example of Christ before the world. Button - Important

Before you submit to this website
do take thse time to read this Notice of Use and Copyright Policies.

Submission Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines we would like you to observe.

1. If you have never written a devotional before be sure to read Writing A Devotional

2. Please quote all scripture reference in the New International Version (NIV) version, Thanks

3. Please include a title for you devotional and be creative. Not too long though try to make it 5 words maximum.

4. With the exception of bible verse quotations do try to keep it to 400 words or less. Sorry we will not publish anything over 500 words. Devotionals are by definition short.

Remember this is not a sermon or bible study. It is simply a short narrative, taking a verse or couple of verses of scripture and sharing how God has applied that scripture in your life. Freely use you own testimony and illustrations from your own life or those very close to you, but do refrain from citing names of people or places or using quotes that cannot be verified.

5. Always include pointers to direct follow-up prayer or praise or directly include a short prayer.

6. We will publish you first name and country (location). If you do publish you devotional we will also send you a email notification with URL location/

Thank You

Once again Thank You; for the privilege of publishing your testimony, for the opportunity to share it with the world and to point others to Jesus Christ and His saving Grace.

Writing Resources

If you would like to improve your writing skills do consider using one of the resources below:


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