The Zion Culture


The revelation of the power of worship: The disclosure of the mystery that brought Israel’s well - known monarch to power and the nation to its richest era. 

 This book reveals secrets about the transformative power of the performing arts.  It tells of the experience of the nation of Israel as it found its way to global prominence through the leadership of David the King, the Psalmist. 

 The book declares spiritual secrets, and the importance of the arts to individual and national development.  Through the records of sacred scriptural text ‘The Zion Culture’ provides insight into the will of God and the heart of men.

 ‘The Zion Culture’ also provides a look into the history of Israel and the future of the world.  Readers will find information that transforms the mediocre to the mighty, and the simple to the strong. 

About the Author:

Christopher G.E Brodber is a Jamaican born minister of the gospel. 

Zion Culture

He is a graduate of Caribbean Christ For the Nations Institute, and a Pastor of Covenant City Church in Kingston Jamaica . An ordained minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of The West Indies, he is married with two (2) children. He is an advisor to The Praise Academy of Dance Barbados Ltd. and a board member of Operation Mobilization Barbados.


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