The Case of the Locked Drawer---Fiction true to life

by Ceal Diaz
(Sunrise FL USA)

So many folks think the elderly are just this side of comatose. The author of this book worked in a retirement community with a nursing facility. He daily contacted residents in their eighties, nineties and frequently centenarians.

True, he could find people in their sixties as patients in the nursing home. More often he observed those in their last two decades before their hundredth birthday happily active.

+++Point---two librarians in their nineties happily at work in the library.

+++Point---recreation chair 88-years-old planning and organizing recreation.

+++Point---religious activities chair 91-years-old arranging for local pastors to provide daily morning devotional programs in the chapel.

+++Point---to top the list---a scientist who worked on the Manhattan project provided a discussion on the project and the nature of the category, "Top Secret;" a former Metropolitan Opera soprano sang well regularly in the chapel choir; and the man who directed the search for Amelia Erhart last century presented a edge-of-the-seat presentation---all were over 100-years-old.

So, when Larry Winebrenner wrote The Case of the Locked Drawer, he created a witty, active 92-year-old wheelchair-bound grandma as his heroine. He explains how she got Mephistopheles, her super-computer. She solves crimes using computer, telephone, and wits.

She's become a favorite among readers of all ages as can be seen in reviews at

If you are over fifty-five, agree to review honestly the book, and send a request to the author will send you a digital copy of the complete novel as a PDF document.

NOTE: This review is biased. It was done by the only living person portrayed in the book---his daughter.

Strength2Strength: Thank you so much for this review and the insight into the author's world. The folks you described are amazing and an encouragement to us all. We can find purpose and fulfilment in life at any age.

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