Potter's Clay Devotional - Testimony

I share this testimony as part of the Potter’s Clay Devotions.

I could share many examples in my life where I thought, respectfully, that God could benefit from a suggestion or two on my part. One such case was in my career choice.

I knew the course I wanted to do and diligently set about gathering the requirements and applying to many schools and scholarship bodies. I did that with great vigor for about 2 to 3 years. Yep, you guessed it, but with no success.

Then one day, I finally stopped. Just stopped!

For the first time I said ‘God I am going to stop this. You know what I want to do but I cannot do it in my own strength, so I am going to stop and turn this over to you. Whatever you want Lord.’

Actually that felt like a great load rolled off. I did stop and life went on, quite peacefully.

About a year after, I was reading the newspaper and my eyes crossed an advertisement for a course offered by a local university. The instant my eyes fell across that advert I heard God say “Apply for it”. In the same instant I knew that I had been accepted.

Took a few seconds to sink in, then the shock when I realized that is was a course I had vowed verbally to friends and family I would never do!

Talk about trusting God!

Well I did apply and quite promptly. It was a struggle to let go but God honoured my decision to be willing to let Him shape my life. I have known tremendous blessing from that career choice.

Oh yes, did I mention that as an added blessing God did give that scholarship as well, but that is another story.
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