Online Bible

by John Copper

John shares his Favourite Bible Tool with us which he has used for a number of years!

I am a pastor and have used the Online Bible program since 1988.

It is a free Bible study tool, complete with lots of Bible translations, commentaries, books - all sorts of stuff. A small fee is charged for books & Bibles still under copyright.

This is my main study resource for over 20 years now; I like it better than several others I have tried.

The web site for North America is:


Thanks John, we did a quick visit to the site and they do have a completely free starter module. The starter module includes the King James version of the bible along with reference books like bible dictionary, lexcions, theme indexes etc. Seems the right mix for someone starting out to seriously study the Word for themselves. You can download the programme but you can also get DVD's.

Have you used The Online Bible? Well you let us know what you think of the programme.

DO you have another Bible Tool you prefer and would recommend. Share It! here. Our online visitors would love to hear from you.

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