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At Strength 2 Strength we encourage you to share with us and our online visitors your experiences with God. We give you every opportunity to pass the blessing on and to play a part in spreading the Word of God. We build ourselves up and others when we share and support each other.

That movie touched you, so Share It!  

It will touch someone else and be a source a encouragement to them, a wonderful gift. Movies can reach out and shine a light in our darkest places, using drama and humour to encourage and uplift - so Share It! with someone one today. Send us your Movie recommendation and share why this blesses you and we will be happy to share your story with our online visitors. Movies we recommend can be found throughout our site and on our Resources page.

You have just got to see this Movie!!

That movie just reached out and touched you right there is your seat! Such encouragement. Such a blessing. Really a timely message. Someting to really think about. Share It! Pass on the Blessing to someone else today.!

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Hush 3 Not rated yet
I saw this movie recently and it really made me stop and think a lot about the unfortunate circumstances people can find themselves. At home, work, …

Fireproof Not rated yet
It just presented a different approach to re-building a marriage that just made you stop and think and re evaluate your own. Lots of simple truths …

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