Adventuring with an Awesomely Sovereign,
                Sovereignly Awesome God

Do you view time as strategic moments? Godincidences (God-Incidences)? A coming together of people, culture, time, location and events, providing the perfect opportunity for the sovereign hand of God, in the life of men?

Take nothing for granted, God is at work!

“Godincidences” is an account of travels by a Jamaican woman on a mission with her “awesomely sovereign, sovereignly awesome God.”

"Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them." Deuteronomy 4:9

Jo-Ann takes this instruction to heart and she shares adventures in places like Burkina Faso, Switzerland, Costa Rica and Peru. You may be tempted to envy, unless you accept her invitation to join her as she adventures with God.

“Godincidences” actually goes beyond merely sharing Jo-Ann’s adventures. It gives you the space to view your own life as an adventure, and to document your own escapades with the “awesomely Sovereign, Sovereignly awesome God of the Universe!”

At Strenght2Strength we recommend this book to build your faith; to help you see and understand the hand of God in all the circumstances of your life; the big and even the minute. To demonstrate the love and care of God and to encourage you in all things. Be Blest!

About the Author:

Jo-Ann Richards is a worshipper, recruiting and discipling worshippers for her “awesomely sovereign, sovereignly awesome” God.
She defines ‘worship’ as ‘acknowledging all of who God is with all of who we are’. A teacher, singer/songwriter, worship leader, evangelist/missionary, ethnomusicologist and now published author, she has been mandated to “tell the whole world to sing a new song to the Lord.” (Isaiah 42:10, Contemporary English Version).

Jo-Ann has been traveling to various parts of the world on mission for the past two and a half decades. Her trips have covered various countries throughout the Caribbean, Europe, the United States of America, Canada, Central & South America, Africa and Asia. Jo-Ann currently resides in Kingston, Jamaica.

Jo-Ann is an accredited worker with the Missionary Church Association in Jamaica. She is a part-time lecturer at the Jamaica Theological Seminary, where she teaches “Theology and Practice of Christian Worship.” She is also Founder/CEO of CREW 40:4, a non-profit organization established to promote love and unity in Christ through Culturally Relevant Expressions of Worship.

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