Experiencing God

My Experience of God Speaking of Me

Many people would like to hear a word from God. They go to sermon after sermon and travel far to hear famous speakers. Some go as far as to consult witches. Does God speak to people today in ways they can understand? Can you experience God in a real and tangible way?

I grew up in one of the traditional churches, my parents taught us the hymns so I could sing along with joy on Sunday mornings and I was able to recite all the sections for prayers. For me, Christians were conservative in dress and definitely should not wear makeup and very tight fitted clothing.

However, while in school, as a result of my challenge to a fellow student on these matters, I was asked to provide the scriptural basis for my claims. In my search, I realised that there were many sections of the bible that I never read and that I depended on the church to teach me.

I wanted to know more about the bible and joined a small group for bible study. In these small meetings people would say how they heard the Lord saying this or that…I heard nothing. It puzzled me, how do you hear the Lord speak? What is wrong with me why I cannot hear his voice?

This bothered me in my Christian walk.

Later on when I fell in love I asked God to tell me what to do about this relationship. I did not hear an answer from God so I decided to get married and start a family. Months before the wedding, I got pregnant and the husband to be was not supportive. I was ashamed to face my friends, so I started going to a new church where no one would believe I was a Christian before.

Larnelle Free

It was then that I cried out to the Lord in my distress. Listening to Christian music became a solace for my lonely heart. I cried out to God in His capacity as Father because I felt like running to Daddy for him to care for his little girl in trouble. One song that really ministered to me was by Larnelle Harris from the album Larnelle Free called "Father Me”. I would take long rides in my car alone with the music on and I cried for miles.

The troubles became more intense when I was admitted to hospital. The Doctors' said I was loosing the baby. As I lay on my bed with my feet elevated to delay the progression of birth I read some Psalms from the bible. I cried out to God this time to let him know that he promised to stand my His word and His promises.

With this attitude I sought for verses that I could hold God accountable to. One day I noticed Psalm 46 vs. 6 which said “Be still and know that I am God”. I could not remember anything else in that chapter. I told God, look, I am still (like you command in your word) and now, you had better prove that you are God, by saving the life of my baby.

I spent two weeks in hospital which felt like a lifetime. During that time, I recalled the story of David when he went up to war in the name of the Lord. He prayed and told God that he was depending on God’s support. He was basically saying that when he goes up in the name of the Lord, the Lord must support him to prevent the people from asking about the relevance of his God.

That concept was quickly applied in my strategy, I started to believe in my heart and confess with my mouth that my baby would be born alive. Soon the Hospital staff knew I was a Christian and God was going to make everything well with my baby.

One day I thought things were not going well with the baby because it appeared that I had an infection. The nurse was called and I made it very clear that I wanted the doctors to induce labour to save the child’s life. When the hospital agreed to my request, I began to fear.

God had been good to me and my baby up to this point, did I make a mistake by taking things into my own hands. Did I wait to consult God on this decision?

The crying started again, as I acknowledge that I had taken things into my own hands. This time I prayed, Lord please deliver me so I do not feel guilty if things go wrong tomorrow. Once again I turned to the Psalms and out jumped Psalm 50 vs. 15. It says “call upon me in the day of trouble and I will deliver thee and thou shalt glorify me”

Not knowing what it meant to glorify God, I asked God what is it to glorify you? I got to verse 23 where God explained “Whosoever offereth praise glorifies me”. How easy, I thought and I replied, surely God, I will do that.

I cried Lord this is trouble, I need you to deliver me and he did. I felt birth pains and did not recognise what it was. My baby came early the next morning, alive and crying.

Before I left the hospital the next day, I read my last Psalm which said “I will perfect that concerning me, forsake not the works of thine own hand”

God was speaking to me all through my time in hospital; it was not me trying to challenge God. The scriptures came alive and God spoke the word I needed to hear. There were no pastors to preach to me. Without knowing what I was doing, the Lord had spoken through his words in the bible; I heard the word of God and exercised faith in what I heard.

What is Faith? Faith comes by hearing the word of the Lord and acting on the word. Faith brings results. It did not matter that I had done wrong and that the church people did not see me as living right. God was speaking to me in my current state. He was teaching me about his love and his willingness to be God even when we fall.

He never leaves us nor forgets us, but lovingly waits for us to stop our busy lives and communicate with Him. In my troubles, I had my first real experience with God. This would be the beginning of a close friendship with God and a love for reading the scriptures because I wanted to hear him speak again.

God speaks to us in different ways, that’s how he spoke to me.

My hope is that you will find the joy of reading the word and have God speak directly to your situation. God loves you and waits for you to seek him with all your heart. We never fall too low for God to reach down and be a Father and a friend.

Hyacinth, UK

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