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Now What Did That Bumper Sticker Say?

At Strength 2 Strength we encourage you to share with us and our online visitors your experiences with God. We give you every opportunity to pass the blessing on and to play a part in spreading the Word of God and encouraging others in their relationship with God. We build ourselves up and others when we share and support each other.

Has a crazy Bumper Sticker, every ministered to you? Share It!   Most time you don't even see them but them suddenly one day at precisely the right time one passes you by and it is just the right word at the right time. It will touch some one else and be a source a encouragement to them, a wonderful gift. Your experience can be a great uplift to someone one else. Tell us your story and share why this Bumper Sticker blesses you and we will be happy to share your story with our online visitors.

This Crazy Bumper Sticker Ministered to Me!?

Has it ever happened to you? A car passed with a bumper sticker that had just the Word you needed for today! Weird! Now who would ever believe a bumper sticker could minister. Well I could so Share it!

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Where God Guides He Provides Not rated yet
Traveling in traffic, my mind was going a mile a minute "what if this, what if that", there was just so much to consider. Then a car passed with the bumper …

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