It was a Surprise!

by Jan

The book The Case of the Locked Drawer, was recommended to me by a friend, just as a good mystery book but I was surprised on reading it. Not your usual ... the author cleverly weaves several stories ( including a love story)
and keeps you wondering how they will all come together and of course "who dunnit".

Very descriptive, I could “see” clearly the locations and picture the events. You keep wanting to know what happens next. The book is easy to read and draws you in and of course you would never guess who did it until the very end.

Happy to recommend this as an enjoyable read.

PS. I want a computer, just like that one. LOL.


Thank you Jan for your review. We read the book and enjoyed it too. Yes you are correct there are actually several stories intertwined and each one keeps you guessing. Thanks again for sharing.

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Aug 07, 2012
Comment to Jan
by: Larry Winebrenner


You're not the first person to want a computer like Mephistopheles. What folks don't realize is that if they have a computer at all, they do have one like Mephistopheles. Not as fast, maybe, nor with as much memory.

But what makes Mephistopheles so special is not his power, but his programming. And, of course, the peripherals.

Voice actuation is included in some office programs now. Windows and doors are open and shut by proximity switches, alarm systems often can be programmed to respond by voice rather than buzzer, bell, or siren, etc. it's just a matter of accessing the peripherals and programming them to respond to voice commands and voila! your very own Mephistopheles.

I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Thanks.

i love you.

Larry Winebrenner, Novelist

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